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V-neck leotard front and back

Fabrics: Mystique Marin-Royal neckline and armholes mystique silver

Stone on the front: silver

M-Étoile Filante

    • Hand wash the garment in ICE water with mild soap (for delicate fabrics eg: zero).
    • Do not let the garment soak in water for more than 5 minutes. Rinse well with very cold water.
    • Do not use soap powder, bleach, or fabric softener
    • Put to spin (Spin - at delicate cycle) in the washing machine to remove the excess water
    • Hang to dry. Do not iron or put in the dryer
    • Sweating and the use of certain deodorants can alter the metallic fabric.
    • To avoid color transfer and alteration of the metallic fabric, never leave the wet jersey in a bag.
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